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Answers magazine builds your biblical worldview! It takes thought-provoking topics from creation, science, and culture and filters them through the truth of Scripture.

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A little about Answers Magazine

Share Intriguing Truth About God’s Creation

An ongoing stream of accolades and awards prove that Answers magazine is highly appreciated and respected by laymen and experts across the land. And creation topics are our core! There is no better way to keep cutting-edge information coming to your home and protecting the faith of your family.

Win Against the Secular Culture

No other Christian periodical is as effective in equipping you to confront and win the daily battle your family must fight against the faith-shattering lie known as evolution.

It’s vital that Christians are informed and equipped to engage the culture with answers on the many social issues of the day.

Learn Easy-To-Understand Creation Science

The secular media forces a constant barrage of anti-Christian, pro-evolution data into your home. But with Answers magazine, you get the real story behind the evolution hype. In reality, the evidence strongly supports biblical creation. And with captivating articles by trusted experts, you’ll see why!

"This magazine is an amazing tool for evangelism, and for Christian growth. I look forward to every new issue. It is so beautifully and professionally done! Whatever you do, don't miss it!"
Ray Comfort
Living Waters


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