Science is a “self-correcting discipline?”

It has often been stated that science is a “self-correcting discipline”. Many people believe that a scientist who makes a new and significant discovery receives instant fame and glory. In reality, the very opposite is true. Scientific thought becomes entrenched in dogma (not unlike religious doctrine), and those who oppose commonly accepted beliefs are all […]

Evolution: Not enough time!

It is not just the number of changes required to change a single-celled organism into a human that is mindboggling, but the order in which these changes have to happen. It does not aid an organism to have a leg until there is a nervous system to control the leg. An eye is useless until […]

Our planet’s thermostat.

Water makes our planet unique. When astronomers are looking for life on other planets, they look for water. One of the wonderful properties of water is its ability to hold heat. In fact, our oceans and seas act like big thermostats that moderate the Earth’s weather. If you take a water balloon and hold it […]

You gotta hear this. The mantis ear.

For decades it was believed that the praying mantis had no sense of hearing because there are no hearing membranes on its head. However, in the late 1980s, neuroscientist David Yager discovered that most mantids (praying mantis species) have a single hearing membrane buried deep in the center of their thorax (chest area). Dr. Yager […]

Man had great technical knowledge and creativity — from the beginning.

The pyramids of Egypt reveal ancient man’s ingenuity. The Giza pyramid was built with 115,000 casing stones of polished white marble, each of them weighing from 16-20 tons. A massive earthquake in A.D. 1301 loosened many, which were then removed to build Cairo. The joint thickness between these marble stones was a minuscule 0.020 inch. […]

Bird egg designs.

Not all eggs are the same; they come in a variety of sizes, colors, and shapes. Robins have oval eggs that fit nicely in their dish-shaped nest. Screech owls have round-shaped eggs that lie at the bottom of a hole in a tree. Birds like the Killdeer have eggs that are sharply pointed allowing them […]

Baffling bat sonar.

Bats have the extraordinary ability to close their ears as they send sonar signals and reopen them in time to hear returning echoes. They do this at the incredible rate of 50 to 60 times per second. Studying the bat’s unique method of detecting objects has allowed scientists to discover the principles of sonar. Using […]

Evolution. Not enough time.

At one time living cells were considered no more complex than empty table tennis balls. As biochemists have learned more about the complexity of life, it has become increasingly apparent that thousands of specific and complex chemicals are required for any form of life to survive. Evolutionist Harold Morowitz estimated the probability for chance formation […]

Evolution and Christianity don’t mesh!

Evolution cannot be combined with Christianity for the following reasons: The Bible states 10 times that life reproduces only “after its own kind.” This is certainly true as we observe the biological world around us. Dogs stay dogs, and people stay people. Yet evolution preaches that all life is a blurred continuum. The God of […]

DNA: the Creator’s code for life.

Not only does your genetic code store far more information in a microscopic space than our largest computers, it also has a built-in error correction system. Errors are constantly creeping into the DNA code because of radiation, chemical exposure, and other outside forces. Scientists have discovered a number of key enzymes within the cell whose […]