Can you meet an American who doesn’t know who Jesus is?

I remember hearing about a missionary in India traveling village to village who would ask people if they knew who Jesus is. He would often hear in response, “He doesn’t live here. You might want to see if He lives in the next village.” That doesn’t seem surprising. It’s India after all. A 2001 census […]

Did immune systems evolve?

Biological immune systems can recognize bacteria, viruses, and toxins that invade the body. Each system can quickly mobilize just the right type of defenders to search and destroy these invaders. Each system also has a memory that learns from every attack so that the defense is quicker and more effective the next time. If the […]

Where are all those transitional fossils?

We Should Find Millions Although Charles Darwin expected millions of transitional fossils to be found—none have been found. Just a mere handful of disputable ones. Evolutionist Dr. Colin Patterson of the British Museum of Natural History responded as follows to a written question asking why he failed to include illustrations of transitional forms in a […]