Did dinosaurs evolve into birds? No.

Most museums and textbooks have dinosaur displays or pictures showing dinosaurs with colorful feathers. These reflect the popular belief that an unidentified theropod dinosaur evolved into the first bird, which then evolved into the other bird kinds.

But not every evolutionary scientist agrees with this. Some evolutionary researchers don’t believe that dinosaurs had feathers, and others disagree over which kind of dinosaur—if any—might have evolved into birds while all the other dinosaur kinds went extinct.

The Bible clearly teaches that God made each creature to reproduce after its own kind. (Genesis 1:25) Dogs can only make dogs, cats can only make cats, and ducks can only make ducks. Despite evolutionary displays that emphasize the similarities between dinosaurs and birds, these two animal types were actually very different.

And no process of biology or nature has so far demonstrated an ability to change a dinosaur body into a bird body. It looks like each dinosaur kind and each bird kind was created, just like the Bible has said all along.


Dinosaur fossils have been found with fibers that some scientists thought were “proto-feathers,” the beginnings of feather evolution. However, the fibers didn’t have the same structure as feathers, so they were later called filaments. What are they? Scientists tested animal skin that was decaying in water. After several days, the skin turned into stringy protein fibers that looked virtually identical to fossil dinosaur-skin “filaments.” So, not only do the fossil fibers not look like feathers, they do look like partly decayed skin.

Sometimes a new fossil is described as a “feathered dinosaur” only to be reclassified later as an extinct bird. Other supposed feathered dinosaurs—like Sinosauropteryx—were clearly reptiles and not birds at all.

No Follicles

If dinosaurs evolved into birds, then at some point they had to begin growing feathers. But feathers are produced by very specialized tissues inside large cavities called follicles, and dinosaur skin fossils show smooth, scaly reptile skin with no follicles. Their “scales” were actually thickened bumps of skin.

If dinosaurs evolved feathers, how did they grow and how were they attached?

Birds and Dinosaurs Mixed Together

Birds supposedly evolved from dinosaurs, but bird fossils have been found with dinosaurs. Ducks, loons, albatross, other water birds, and parrots have been discovered, as well as extinct bird kinds including some with clawed wings.

If evolution is true, we should find dinosaurs in lower rock layers, part-dinosaur/part-bird animals in middle layers, and birds in upper layers. Instead, dinosaurs and birds are all mixed together.

Bird Fossils Found Before Dinosaurs

Some evolutionary researchers have reported the discovery of bird tracks in rock layers that were located below, and thus deposited before, layers containing dinosaurs. How could they have evolved from dinosaurs that didn’t even exist yet?

Many of the rock layers that contain “fibered” dinosaur fossils also have fully formed birds. Because they lived and died at the same time, dinosaurs and birds do not show an ancestor-descendant relationship.1

We can trust the Bible as God’s holy Word from the very first verse.

“Your word is a lamp to my feet and a light to my path.”

Psalm 119:105

References and Notes

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