Digging up the dirt on fraudulent fossils.

How far will scientists and museums go to get people to believe in the theory of evolution? As scientist Carl Werner reveals in his book and on his webpage Evolution: The Grand Experiment, they will readily fabricate fake fossils and pass them off as real.

Dr. Werner said, “Whales with four legs, walking on land, are currently considered one of the best fossil proofs of evolution.” But after interviewing the two scientists who reconstructed the fossils of the three famous walking whales – Rodhocetus, Pakicetus, and Ambulocetus – he concluded that the scientists had created false models of these skeletons and skulls and passed them off as real to the biggest and most respected museums in the world.

In a Generations Radio interview, he told listeners, “If you go to the largest museums in the world right now, there’s fabricated fossil after fabricated fossil, where they’ve attached whale body parts to walking animals and said, ‘Oh, look, we have walking whales.’ These are on display currently, and I have interviewed the scientists who put the whale body parts onto four-legged animals, and they admitted to it.

Dr. Werner predicts that someday the fossil fakes will be quietly removed from museums. But for now, these fakes will deceive those who go to museums and websites where they will learn about “whales with legs.” This is yet another reason why those of us with the truth must not remain silent but must share the truth with all who will listen.1

“Only fear the LORD, and serve him in truth with all your heart: for consider how great things he hath done for you.”

1 Samuel 12:24

References and Notes

  1. Schwartz, Steve. Letting God Create Your Day Volume 8 . Kindle Edition.[]


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