DNA: the Creator’s code for life.

Not only does your genetic code store far more information in a microscopic space than our largest computers, it also has a built-in error correction system. Errors are constantly creeping into the DNA code because of radiation, chemical exposure, and other outside forces. Scientists have discovered a number of key enzymes within the cell whose only job is to find and correct errors in the genetic code. These enzymes faithfully correct mistakes, thereby preventing mutations.

Yet we are expected to believe that these mistakes and mutations are what cause evolution to happen. Why would a system evolve whose sole function is to prevent the very mechanism which supposedly drives evolution (mutations)?

Life could not accurately reproduce without this genetic proofreading. Scientists have no adequate explanation for how these specific enzymes could have evolved by random processes. Everywhere we hear that things have “evolved,” yet no explanation is given for how specific biological functions, such as this mistake-correcting mechanism, could have evolved. “Only our Creator could have been wise enough to design an information system which can correct its own errors.”1

“Hear this, O Job; stop and consider the wondrous works of God.

Job 37:14

References and Notes

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