Dragonflies – fighter pilots of the sky.

Powerful evidence for design

Dragonflies have long been known to be exquisite fliers. And recent research shows that they can track other insects with incredibly intricate maneuvering that makes them appear stationary to their target. Insects’ compound eyes are good at detecting the slightest motion by optic flow, so the flight patterns must have amazing control systems. Appearing stationary would be very useful for sneaking up on other insects or for eluding a predator.1

Thanks to two huge compound eyes, the dragonfly has nearly 360° vision and can see a wider spectrum of colors than humans. Each compound eye contains 28,000 lenses or ommatidia and a dragonfly uses about 80% of its brain to process all of the visual information it receives.2

A brief report in New Scientist said, ‘Dragonflies overshadow their enemies in complex maneuvers that military fighter pilots can only dream of. … It demands exquisite position sensing and control.’ The researcher, Akiko Mizutani, of the Centre for Visual Science at the Australian National University in Canberra, said, ‘This sort of performance is extremely hard to achieve without very expensive and bulky measurement systems.’

What the most ingenious human designers can’t achieve with bulky systems, the dragonfly’s Maker programmed into the tiny dragonfly brain. Yet evolutionists believe that this evolved by time and chance—and in what they call the ‘oldest airborne predator’!1

“Let everything that has breath praise the Lord! Praise the Lord!”

Psalm 150:6

References and Notes

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