Georgia’s “Little Grand Canyon.”

Providence Canyon State Park

While heading Florida for the winter, we stopped off for a couple of days in the southwest corner of Georgia.

We spent a day and explored one of the state’s seven natural wonders. Inspired by the scenery, we attempted our first ministry mini-documentary. We desire to show others that what we see in God’s world confirms what we read in God’s Word, especially when it comes to special creation and the globe covering Flood in the Bible.

Did we pull it off? Watch the 5-minute video above, and you decide.


Evolutionists and old-earth advocates would have us believe that canyons, such as the Grand Canyon, take millions of years to form. You may be familiar with one of their stories: The Colorado River started carving slowly through layers of volcanic rock and sediment between five and six million years ago. In other words, it takes millions of years to form the sedimentary layers and a little water over eons to carve such giant valleys.

Lumpkin Georgia

Well, we’re here in Stewart County, in the far southwest corner of the beautiful state of Georgia.

And we’re here to take a closer look at one of the state’s incredible seven natural wonders.

Welcome to Providence Canyon State Park. Also known as ‘Georgia’s Little Grand Canyon.’

What we think you’ll find most interesting about Providence. Is that this magnificent canyon simply wasn’t here 170 years ago.

Where there were once rolling hills covered Slot Gacor Terbaru with untouched pine forest, there is now a deep gorge with nine finger-like canyons. They range in size up to 160 ft deep, 600 ft wide, and 1,300 ft long.

Providence Canyon Formation

So what happened? How did this spectacular canyon form? I’m pretty confident you would see an interpretive sign explaining a canyon formation over millions of years if there wasn’t an eyewitness record of history.

Turns out, that from the 1820s onward, it was the clear-felling of trees to grow crops such as cotton and corn, which set the scene for the start of catastrophic erosion. The land was exposed to the ravages of water run-off during the area’s frequent heavy thunderstorms.

Historical records show that the local Providence United Methodist church opened in 1832.

In the 1940s, farmers had to watch every little ditch in case it turned into another gully. They said the soil melted like sugar and ran like water.

Each year, most farmers lost some animals and farm equipment over the canyon rim. Once anything went over it was abandoned because recovery was extremely difficult.

It’s interesting. Locals spoke of lying in bed on cold winter nights during heavy rain and hearing bangs that sounded like cannon fire, as big chunks of earth fell from the steep-sided walls into the canyons.

Measurements taken between 1984 and 1994 confirm that the canyon is still growing mainly in width.

Even now, fences are often relocated, and roads rerouted because of these changes.

Flood Lab

One of the reasons we love to visit Providence Canyon is that it’s a real-life small-scale laboratory that helps us understand some of the processes that occurred on a much larger scale, during Noah’s Flood recorded in the Bible.

As Floodwaters drained off the continents, erosion after the global Flood would have been exceptionally rapid through the still soft, freshly laid sediments. Simply put, Noah’s Flood washes away the evolutionists millions-of-years of earth history.

It does not take millions of years for vast canyons to form. It just takes the right conditions. If nobody witnessed the formation of Providence Canyon, hardly anyone would have believed it.

Similar to the eyewitness account of the formation of Providence Canyon, we have a historical record, an Eyewitness account of history from the very beginning, the Word of God written by our Creator, Jesus Christ. We can trust those early events, Creation, the Fall, the Flood, etc. Recorded in Genesis.

Providence Canyon demonstrates that when Christians bring the Worldwide Flood back into our thinking, a large percentage of the secular-uniformitarian time challenges melt away. We can illustrate how the geology of the earth is consistent with a catastrophic globe-covering Flood and the short timescale of the Bible, provided we understand the conditions correctly.

We encourage you to take a closer look at the evidence, and you will find that what we see in God’s world confirms what we read in God’s Word.

Special thanks to Creation Ministries International.

Providence Canyon State Park


6 Responses

  1. Hi Brian, Thank you for this very beautiful and informative presentation!! It was just like being in one of your presentations at the Glades, but with beautiful background and interesting history confirming our belief in God, our creator. Prayers for your ministry and the opportunity to do more of these, and that more people will accept God as our creator!!! Wonderful!!!

    1. Thank you so much, JoAnn! That place is so neat but might be too far off the path when heading back to NY.

  2. Thanks Brian for the video. We have taken Boy Scouts hiking there several times, and are awestruck at each visit. I enjoyed the beautiful photography and cinematography and music. But I really liked the message.

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