Destroy the Bible’s foundation in one easy step.

How to interpret Genesis 1

Psalm 11:3 says, “[I]f the foundations are destroyed, what can the righteous do.” This verse is often quoted by Biblical Creationists to demonstrate the momentous significance of the very first chapter of the Bible, Genesis 1, and its foundational relationship to the rest of Scripture.

All Christian doctrine, theology, morality, and even the gospel itself, stands or falls on whether we interpret Genesis as literal history. The entire book of Genesis, all 50 chapters record, people, places, times, and events. It reads as a record book written in the historical narrative.

So, what is the proper method of interpreting the details of creation given in Genesis 1? Is this chapter a non-literal poetic way of saying that God created as some would argue? Is it a parable, or a fictional polemic? Are the creation days to be understood as literal 24-hour days? What about the gap theory and the day-age theory?

Does Genesis Matter?

Just as there are severe consequences when a building’s foundation is compromised—there are dire ramifications when we try to accommodate and fit man’s fallible opinions into Genesis, the foundation to the Christian Faith.

Join Dr. Jason Lisle, founder of Biblical Science Institute, in his straightforward and concise talk, Discerning Truth: How to Interpret Genesis 1.

More about Dr. Lisle

Dr. Jason Lisle is a Christian astrophysicist who researches issues pertaining to science and the Christian Faith. A popular speaker and author, Dr. Lisle presents a rational defense of a literal Genesis, showing how science confirms the history recorded in the Bible. Brought up in a Christian family, at a young age he received Christ as Lord. Since then Lisle has always desired to serve the Lord out of love and gratitude for salvation, and to spread the Gospel message to all people.

Dr. Lisle double-majored in physics and astronomy with a minor in mathematics at Ohio Wesleyan University. He then went on to obtain a Master’s degree and Ph.D. in astrophysics at the University of Colorado in Boulder. There, he used the SOHO spacecraft to analyze the surface of the sun and made a number of interesting discoveries, including the detection of giant cell boundaries. Since then, Lisle has worked in full-time apologetics ministry. He wrote a number of planetarium shows for the Creation Museum, including the popular “Created Cosmos.” Dr. Lisle has authored a number of best-selling books on the topic of creation, including Taking Back Astronomy, Stargazer’s Guide to the Night Sky, the Ultimate Proof of Creation, Discerning Truth, and Understanding Genesis.1

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