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The Buses

We first discovered “the buses,” in December of 2018. Why quotation marks? The buses are a hot topic among Walmart shoppers in both Clewiston and Labelle, Florida.

There’s a large population of migrant vegetable pickers and packinghouse workers from Mexico in this area of Florida. Every Friday and Saturday, male workers are bused to Walmart to shop for food and supplies. Residents try to avoid shopping (“the buses”) during these busier times.

I can understand. Who enjoys a busy Walmart?

The Lord opened, wide, a door for us to share a powerful creation/gospel tract with over 500 people, mostly Spanish-speaking.

2019 Christmas season, we purchased 1000 copies of “What Really Happened to the Dinosaurs?” from Answers In Genesis. We made sure we had 500 tracts in Spanish!

Dinosaurs & the Gospel?

Dinosaurs, more than any other topic, are used to teach children and adults the secular religion of molecules-to-man evolution. A counterfeit worldview, based on materialistic naturalism, that leaves many searching for any meaning in life.”What Really Happened to the Dinosaurs?” is a small booklet that refutes the evolutionists’ “just-so story” of millions-of-years of earth history. It shows that the Bible gives us a framework for explaining dinosaurs in terms of thousands of years of history, including the mystery of when they lived and what happened to them. Two key texts are Genesis 1:24-25 and Job 40:15-24.

Readers learn that honest scientific investigation confirms the Biblical account of dinosaurs and the Bible’s timeline of earth’s past (approximately 6000 years from creation to present). Above all, there is a clear presentation of the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

Christians can easily explain dinosaurs and make sense of the evidence we observe in the world around us if we accept God’s Word, beginning with Genesis, as being accurate and authoritative in historical matters. 

Genesis is absolutely trustworthy and logically defensible. It records true origin of the universe and humankind.

What one believes concerning the book of Genesis will ultimately determine what one accepts about the rest of the Bible. This, in turn, will affect how a person views himself or herself, fellow human beings, and what life is all about, including their need for salvation.

“If I have told you earthly things and you do not believe, how can you believe if I tell you heavenly things?”

Jesus, John 3:12

What would happen?

We loaded up Alice (our F-350) full of gospel tracts (English & Spanish) and headed off to Walmart. We prayed that God would open a door for the Gospel. We figured people would be most receptive to accept a gift from a random stranger at this time—last-minute shoppers.

So I learned a little Spanish on the 20-mile trip to Labelle. “Feliz Navidad! Un regalo para ti.” “Merry Christmas! A present for you.” I figured Spanish-speaking people would be more receptive if I approached in their native tongue.

God opened doors. Wide!

Out of 500 or so tracts, I had only three people refuse to take one. Many people were excited and grateful to have received Biblical answers. Answers, to questions they have been asking for years. I had several gospel-centered conversations with English-speaking folks. One woman lit-up and said she was curious her whole life as to how one would reconcile the Bible and dinosaurs. Her faith grew that moment.

A Walmart employee, on break, discussed dinosaurs, evolution, and the Bible, with me. He opened up and told me his wife was leaving him and his daughter for another — a woman. He looked broken. He said that when he confronted her, she responded, “It’s gonna be the year 2020, and everybody’s doing it.” I eventually prayed with him, and he thanked me for the booklet and said, “Maybe this is a sign that God is speaking to me.”

The bus stop

Two drivers invited me onto their buses to hand out a stack of booklets to the migrant workers. He had hoped they were written in Spanish, informing me that the guys didn’t know a lick of English. They were excited to see the booklets titled in their language.

God poured out His grace on this outreach. I pray He will open the eyes of those who have turned from God as a result of these booklets.

As Christians, we’re either busy plowing up the soil of the heard heart, planting or watering the seeds of the Gospel, and always trusting that God will give the growth (1 Corinthians 3:6).Let’s show others that they can trust the Bible as God’s infallible Word. Let’s tell them the Good News—that their only hope for this life and the next is through faith in Jesus Christ.

Want to learn more about dinosaurs from a Biblical Worldview? You can read chapter 19 from Creation Ministries International’s Creation Answers Book online.

We will send you a hardcopy of The Creation Answers Book, for a donation of any amount.

Let’s make Him know.


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