Apologetics training — dirt cheap!

Normally $49 each – for only $19 for all six ($294 value).

There hasn’t been a better time (or price) to acquire a solid understanding of creation apologetics, get equipped to stand strong in your faith, think biblically, and more effectively share the gospel with others.

I am currently enrolled in the Creation Apologetics Master Class 1-6 from Answers in Genesis. I mainly wanted to preview the course and for $19 I couldn’t pass it up. Below are the highlights from AIG. You can order the course here.

This group of 6 online courses will give you a firm foundation in the fundamental ideas of creation apologetics and help you understand the battle between the authority of Scripture and the authority of man in modern culture.

These self-paced, affordable courses feature online videos, reading assignments, and quizzes.

Study exciting topics such as:

  • The authority of Scripture
  • Apologetics and how to defend your faith
  • How science confirms the truth of Scripture
  • Biblical worldview on topics such as astronomy, biology, and geology
  • The creation/evolution debate

How does the Creation Apologetics Master Class work?

This set of six online courses is a great opportunity to learn and grow, all while interacting with material from some of the world’s best-known creation speakers and scientists!

The Class is for everyone!

High School Students and Homeschoolers

The Creation Apologetics Master Class introduces students to creation apologetics by applying critical thinking and logic to important issues in biology, geology, and astronomy. Each course will equip students to more effectively defend what they believe, preparing them to enter secular high-school and/or college classes. These online courses are appropriate for ages 16 and up.


Parents will gain the knowledge necessary to effectively teach their children the truth about creation and prepare them to be better witnesses in school, the workplace, and society.

Public and Christian Schoolteachers

This program will prepare teachers to give biblical and scientific answers to some of their students’ most-asked questions.

Church Leaders and Teachers

Church leaders and teachers will appreciate how these courses equip them to answer questions they will inevitably encounter, enabling them to confidently communicate biblical and scientific evidence for creation and other issues of biblical authority.

Creation Speakers and Authors

Completion of our online courses will equip those who desire to speak and/or write on creation issues to have a solid foundation in biblical authority and how a correct view of Scripture informs every aspect of our lives.


Each of the topics below gets broken down to 5-10 videos and articles with a quiz at the end. There is even a “Digging Deeper” section if you want even more!

1) The Relevance of Genesis to the Gospel
2) Apologetics: A Ready Defense
3) Revealing the Unknown God
4) In Six Days
5) One Blood, One Race
6) Death Before Sin
7) We Can Trust the Bible
8) Genesis and Compromise
9) Arguments from Design
10) Origin of the Universe
11) Origin of the Species
12) Origin of Man
13) A Global Flood
14) Fossils and Radiometric Dating
15) Arguments Creationists Shouldn’t Use
Creation Apologetics and the Bile — Lessons 16-22
16) Biblical Apologetics
17) Biblical Authority
18) Old Testament as History
19) After the Flood
20) Reconciling the Age of the Earth
21) The Intelligent Design (ID) Movement
22) Compromise PositionsCreationApologetics and Biology — Lessons 23-29

23) The Basics of Genetics
24) Origin of Life
25) Evolutionary Relationships and Biblical Kinds
26) Mutations
27) Natural Selection
28) Icons of Evolution
29) Evolution’s Influence in History and Culture
Creation Apologetics and Geology — Lessons 30-36
30) Reckoning with Millions of Years
31) Dealing with Dating Methods
32) The Geologic Column
33) The Fossil Record
34) Plate Tectonics
35) The Ice Age
36) Amazing Formations
Creation Apologetics and Astronomy — Lessons 37-43
37) God’s Design in Astronomy
38) Big Bang vs. The Bible
39) Biblical Cosmology
40) Challenging Ideas
41) Challenging Ideas 2
42) Extraterrestrial Life
43) Christian Compromise

Master Class

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Format: Online Course
Technicality: Layman
Grade: 10 – Adult


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