The 7 C’S of History

All of us are constantly bombarded with the secular religion of evolution and the idea that the universe is billions of years old. Christians often have difficulty reconciling the evolutionists’ timeline with that which appears to be a completely different history recorded in the Bible. All kinds of theories (Day Age Theory, Gap Theory, Framework Hypothesis) have been crafted in an attempt to fit evolutionists’ billions-of-years into the Bible.

You simply can’t fit billions of years of time into the Bible without playing Scriptural gymnastics.

That’s because you don’t take a man-made pagan myth of origins and try and reinterpret Scripture, the very Word of God. You use the Bible to demolish that which “stands against the knowledge of God” (2 Corinthians 10:5).

The Bible defends itself quite clearly against such secular attacks—no matter how intimidatingly dressed up as “science,” the attacks may appear. Scripture records an entirely different picture of origins and earth history from those (materialists) who reject a Creator.

When we take a high-level overview of the pages of Scripture, we can divide the Bible up into few very significant events into what has been called the 7 Cs of history.

The “7 Cs of History” is a simple and memorable way of showing the true history of the universe from “In the beginning” (Genesis 1:1) to future events such as the new heavens and new earth to come (Revelation 21).

What are the 7 Cs, the significant events?

God created in six 24-hour days, and everything was perfect, then He rested on the seventh day.

Adam’s fall from perfection due to his sin against God in the Garden of Eden—the results are death and suffering.

Noah’s Flood, and the origin of most fossil layers.

The rebellion at Babel is key to understanding the different people groups in the world today.

The Creator became a man, born of a virgin, our “Kinsman Redeemer.”

Christ’s died on the Cross and was raised three days later—paying the death penalty for those who receive His free gift of eternal life.

Those who have repented and placed their faith in the finished work of Christ look forward to the consummation of all things in the future. The Curse will be removed, and God will provide the new heavens and the new earth for His children. There will be no death or mourning or crying or pain.

The 7 Cs model gives us our starting point in the present and proper framework when investigating events that happened in the past. It helps Christians understand fossils, rock layers, people groups, dinosaurs, Jesus, the Gospel, etc., correctly and helps form a Biblical worldview. And, science properly understood confirms the Biblical record of history.

Here are a few links you might be interested in exploring that will help you see just how vital and foundational the history recorded in the Bible is to the Gospel itself. If we can’t trust the history recorded in the Bible to be accurate and authoritative, how and why should we trust the Bible when it speaks of salvation, etc. (John 3:12)

The Seven Cs
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Stand firmly on the authority of God’s Holy Word.


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  1. Hello! Thank you for your website! I am a teacher and love the picture of the child sitting on the foundation of God’s Word to understand the 7 C’s of History. Do you sell a poster of this picture??
    Thank you,
    Christina Baker
    Dayton Christian School, Dayton, Ohio

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