The Biblical recipe for the Ice Age.

There is strong evidence that ice and snow once covered much of Canada and northern USA, northwestern Eurasia, Greenland and Antarctica. Evolutionists believe there were many ice ages, but it’s more likely they were advance/retreat cycles of a single Ice Age. Also, the evidence adduced for alleged Precambrian, Ordovician and Permian ‘ice ages’ is best explained as underwater debris flows.

Evolutionists find the cause of the Ice Age a mystery. Obviously the climate would need to be colder. But global cooling by itself is not enough, because then there would be less evaporation, so less snow to form the glacial ice sheets.

So so how is it possible to have both a cold climate and much evaporation?

The creationist meteorologist Michael Oard proposed that the Ice Age (possibly referred to in Job 37:10 and Job 38:22) was an aftermath of Noah’s Flood. When ‘all the fountains of the great deep’ broke up, much hot water and lava would have poured directly into the oceans. This would have warmed the oceans, increasing evaporation. At the same time, huge volcanic eruptions would have released massive amounts of ash and gas in the air after the Flood. This ash, and the gas-forming aerosols, would have blocked out much sunlight, cooling the land.

So the Flood would have produced the necessary combination of lots of evaporation from the warmed oceans and cool continental climate from the volcanic ash and aerosol ‘sunblock’. This would have resulted in increased snowfall over the continents. With the snow falling faster than it melted, ice sheets would have built up. This ice buildup would probably have lasted several centuries.

When you take a closer look at the evidence for the Ice Age through a Biblical lens you see how honest scientific investigation always confirms what Scripture records.1

“By the breath of God ice is given, and the broad waters are frozen fast.”

Job 37:10

References and Notes

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