You gotta hear this. The mantis ear.

For decades it was believed that the praying mantis had no sense of hearing because there are no hearing membranes on its head. However, in the late 1980s, neuroscientist David Yager discovered that most mantids (praying mantis species) have a single hearing membrane buried deep in the center of their thorax (chest area).

Dr. Yager has shown that flying mantids can detect the ultrasonic chirps of an approaching bat and take evasive action much like a fighter jet – pulling up into a stall position, turning sideways, and dropping into a powered dive toward the ground. This complex aerial maneuver usually succeeds in losing the trailing bat. Not only does no other insect possess such an ultra-sensitive “ear,” but there is no known ancestor or evolutionary path explaining its existence.

The evidence indicates that this one specific creature was designed with this unique ability. Further frustrating any supposed evolutionary explanation, fossil mantids had been shown to possess the same features long before bats were thought to have evolved, making the need for such a feature unnecessary.

The Bible clearly teaches the creation of every different “kind” of creature at essentially the same time – making such features no surprise. So how do evolutionists explain the existence of a unique form of hearing in a creature long before such an ability would be useful?

As usual, they fall back on faith disguised as science. Yager and his colleagues “speculate a different [unknown] kind of insectivorous predator could have chased them during the Cretaceous Period.” This is storytelling, not science.1

For God speaks in one way, and in two, though man does not perceive it.

Job 33:14

References and Notes

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